Getting crafty: Panda Crazy!

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It’s funny how all it took is for one Tweet on a Thursday afternoon set off my “inspiration” and by Saturday evening, I had my very own much-coveted panda-styled iPhone case.

I’m subscribed to a shopping site (Outblush) that daily inundates me with fashion, household, and decorating ideas. There is a subset of the items that catch my eye that I also shake my head (at the price tag) and conclude that I could fairly easily make my own version, including highly stylized prints created in Illustrator, geometric shapes acrylic paintings, and certain sewing projects. Apparently I have some crafty tendencies, but require some external inspiration.

It’s thanks to my mother’s frugality and self-sufficiency that I have any kind of interest in sewing. I wish it involved sewing machine skills and on the really useful scale of making my own clothes, as my sister does or even hemming my pants, and not just the felt medium for one-off projects like passport holders and incredibly cute iPhone cases.

My version

Not to steal from anyone’s thunder, I will disclose that Schema was pointing to the professionally crafted Hooby Groovy iPhone (and iPad) cases. I have crafted only a poorest imitation.

After seeing the Hooby Groovy case, my brain got stuck on one track and I went to Michael’s the next day to pick up felt, velcro, and high-quality thread. I am under the impression that Michael’s solid colour felt selection is limited and while I wanted to splurge on high-quality (less fuzzing) felt, there was just one kind, for $0.49 per sheet. Despite having the same price tag, the black felt was noticeably better in quality than some of the other colours including the off-white colour I picked up. My panda appears more translucent than Hooby Groovy’s, and you might worry that mine will tear in the future.

I am probably way too old (especially for North American standards) to have a panda pouch, especially since finding it feels somewhat like holding a felt stuffed animal. Anyways….!

my templates based on several views of the original case

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