NPY’s PotD*: Day Five

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He says, “Happy 1st Birthday to D–!”

Indeed! It’s so hard to believe that D– has entered our lives and our married friends’ lives have changed so much as those who have married approximately five years ago moved on to the next stage. Earlier this year, we attended another first birthday party where I bought clothes and felt a twinge because the birthday girl was far more interested in imaginative gifts like toys. So, before I left, as much as NPY and I like buying ourselves clothing, I told him we should give the gift of entertainment and fun!


I said, “I could wake up to this every day.”

This isn’t even the best day in terms of weather or the wide-angle view that we can perceive with our own eyes. It’s merely the view when you own a slice of condo in the sky in the middle of everything–alongside other glass condo towers and with an inspiring view of business towers and world-famous city landmarks. When I was growing up I went to school in Halifax but lived in Dartmouth. I despised living in the suburb area of a satellite municipality to Halifax with all my might. When I selected my first apartment in Vancouver, I went for central and affordable. A compromise, because I was a student six years ago, so my second-floor suite was in a 30-year-old building. I don’t know exactly why I didn’t change my space in six years (five of them with NPY) even after visiting Vin in Toronto nearly every year and being inspired every time by her her living space. I like to think I was meant to live high up in a glassy condo albeit in smaller quarters. But I tend to be far too sticky about making decisions (read: indecisive) and resign myself to “compromises” far too often (i.e., conservative). We only have one life to live.


* NPY’s Picture of the Day. While I’m in Toronto and he is in Vancouver, 3400km away, we will try to share with each other (and consequently this blog) pictures that capture our day.

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  1. D says:

    Your thoughtful gift was “d”‘s favourite as he refused to open gifts after. “d” was too fascinated with the new noise and moving parts.

    “d” is patiently waiting for his uncle to help transform the new toy into an Optimus Prime.

    Many thanks and oodles of “hugs”

    little “d”

  2. wyn says:

    @D, glad you liked, miss you lots and can’t wait to see you again!

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