NPY’s PotD*: Day Nine

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In response to my QRANK photo from yesterday, NPY took one while we were playing yesterday with the aid of Skype (on my computer and his iPad) to show each other our scores while we played on our iPhones. He took this screenshot in the middle of the QRANK Daily (general trivia) game where, after the books and sports rounds, he was finally beating me in one leg–he had 1,186 points to my 1,000 when we were five questions in!

I can’t recall without blushing whenever I think of the phone bills a former flame and I used to rack up in the ’90s when phone calls were the only really viable option. While he was in Ottawa most of the week and we called every night, we also paid dearly for long distance on the weekends between Thornhill and Mississauga, both in GTA and with 905 area codes!

Like an old fogey, I can remember those times and marvel just a little too enthusiastically at the tools at our fingertips right now. With the help of unlimited nation-wide calling with my Rogers My5, text messages, fetching email instantly with smartphones, and Skype on all of our devices, we aren’t going to be too far apart in some ways.


I said, “This is my photo response to NPY’s setup photo.”

We are sad slaves to the boob tube so I thought I would share my sister’s set up with which I will become quite familiar over these next months. When Lil Sis’ first arrived in Toronto, our Big Uncle set her up with a salvaged 8″ CRT television and while it obviously was not adequate, she was initially a little resistant to her own 30+” LCD TV. But her decor sensibility could be persuaded: the 8″ CRT had a clunker of a back while the LCD TVs were sleeker and she had this nice white Ikea Expedit shelf as her “TV stand” to fill up. She doesn’t have HD though and I can live with that although some people cannot!

Lil Sis’ apartment (a rental) has robin’s egg light blue walls which she painted herself that looks dainty against the white moulding and all of her living room furniture is white or off-white: bookshelves, TV stand, coffee table, rug, couch, desk, lamps, candlesticks. She also strictly practices anti-clutter and everything has a place and is out of sight. I started organizing things better just a couple of months before I moved out and hope that the stringent cleanliness will rub off on me when I’m in my own place again!


* NPY’s Picture of the Day. While I’m in Toronto and he is in Vancouver, 3400km away, we will try to share with each other (and consequently this blog) pictures that capture our day.

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