NPY’s PotD: Day One

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NPY and I are pretty sappy about me being away in Toronto for a few months given we’ve been pretty inseparable for the past five years. I may have sufficient diversion exploring a different city to a greater extent than I ever have before, but he suffers from staying in the same place but with a void due to my departure. I suggested we share some photos with each other, possibly every day, to share with each other the interesting parts of our temporarily separate lives and he complied and already sent a photo. Of course I already had one as well.

He wrote: “Went home after driving wyn and her father to airport.  Picked up the t-shirt she recently wore, the pillow she last slept on and her favourite panda.  I missed her dearly already.”


Meanwhile, I was on the red eye flight to Toronto and slept somewhat comfortably for 3.5 of the four hours. A window seat with a hoodie as a pillow helps. Waking up really groggy, it’s a relief not to have sunlight flooding into the cabin but instead I captured this foggy-smoggy vista of downtown as we turned a couple of times before landing.


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