NPY’s PotD*: Day Seven

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He says, “Does it look like I’m the one getting married??”

This happened one other time where he posed with the bride and there was just a naturally comfortable feeling between them that you just might wonder. It could be also be because he cleans up really nicely in his black suit and knows how to wear a suit as if he grew up in it.

BK got married earlier this year in the “wedding of the year” and not only because it is the only one I will attend this year. They have a great relationship story, huge love for their family and friends, and planned a great party taking place on the Vancouver waterfront facing the North Shore Mountains. I love a beautiful wedding where there is copious amounts of dancing!


It was such a wild weekend of eating that Lil Sis’ and I are on detox this week. After arriving at home after work, she threw together a few things that make for a lovely light meal: 2 corn on the cob, apple-banana smoothie, and these peppered tomato-basil herbed cream cheese crispbreads. I loved this “course” in particular, the colours, the lightness of the course, freshness and flavours of the ingredients.

Lil Sis’ is the personification of gracefully effortless housekeeping and I’m taking notes while I’m living here. The basil came from her two-herb garden (the other herb being chive) that I will also keep since I miss having plants around the house and growing herbs is very practical. NPY will grow to be fond of basil, poor boy!


* NPY’s Picture of the Day. While I’m in Toronto and he is in Vancouver, 3400km away, we will try to share with each other (and consequently this blog) pictures that capture our day.

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