NPY’s PotD*: Day Twenty-Eight

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I wonder who had a birthday yesterday…. From a birthday banner, lunch out with colleagues, a pavlova at work, and fancy French dinner with friends, NPY wasn’t able to hide. Happy Birthday NPY!!


When will I grow up?? After raiding Forever 21 at Vaughan Mills and walking away with a graphic printed umbrella and cute robot pendant, I walked around the corner and saw the mall has a One’ssqueee!! One’s carries Asian household items of high quality at great prices. Daiso is mind-boggling in its variety but sometimes you want more than the cheapest knick-knacks. Vancouver needs a One’s and I’ll outfit my house with it.

Lately I noticed people with camera cases that wrapped around the camera and were fastened where you would screw the camera onto a tripod. I didn’t know how to Google for it (“camera envelope”?) and had a feeling that all the people I’ve seen with these cases have been Asian and–what do you know–I found several designs at One’s. I could stand for a (much) more mature print but the blue complements my blue Canon and it was just $5.99! Because I’ll be heading on some trips and expeditions in the next month, I needed to get a new make-up/toiletries case and One’s delivers with a cute, dark Hello Kitty stand-up bag also for $5.99.


* NPY’s Picture of the Day. While I’m in Toronto and he is in Vancouver, 3400km away, we will try to share with each other (and consequently this blog) pictures that capture our day.

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