NPY’s PotD*: Day Fourteen

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This past summer, after not too much nagging from me, NPY finally set about to learn how to play the guitar. I accompanied him for the 6 weeks of group lessons at Tom Lee that very quickly became semi-private lessons as the only other learner did not return after the first class. We started by learning the four chords that make up, what, 90% of today’s pop songs and you could hear me moaning and complaining about dented fingertips, mangled fingering, and just the wrong sound coming out of my aging instrument–it sounded part ukulele and I hate ukulele music out of context!

NPY, on the other hand, has wanted to learn how to play guitar so he can sing and play at the same time and I have tried to be encouraging of his new skills and exploration although I took the lessons purely out of intellectual curiosity–as a former piano and violin player, I wanted to know how the music is written (tabs, for one) and how you get music out of six strings so close together. However much I might mock upbeat and/or ukulele songs (like Jason Mraz and that “Soul Sister” song by Train), I’m really glad NPY can now make his own music and when we settle down and I get a keyboard again, we can form a band?!


Ack, the hard water in Toronto is about to make me crazy! I can usually shrug it off because I’m here for such a short time but it’s getting annoying that my hair, usually so low maintenance, is bugging me and doesn’t feel like my best feature. So I went to the nearby Walmart to get some Herbal Essences Drama Clean (doesn’t self-identify as a clarifying shampoo but “refreshing shampoo” instead) once I couldn’t find the Suave Clarifying shampoo I managed to pick up Seattle but had to forfeit when my baggage was too heavy (!!).

Drama Clean, NPY, and I have a small backstory. Naturally I like how it works for my hair and incidentally Herbal Essences has vibrant green packaging. Last year when NPY and I went to China, I was (as usual) responsible for the toiletries we shared and in case the air was really polluted, I brought along a new bottle of Herbal Essences, specifically the Drama Clean version. Now Drama Clean and China are irreversibly linked in NPY’s noggin!


* NPY’s Picture of the Day. While I’m in Toronto and he is in Vancouver, 3400km away, we will try to share with each other (and consequently this blog) pictures that capture our day.

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