A rare symbolic dream

After four tense hours of driving between Toronto and Detroit (I am not a long-distance driver so I applaud myself on that one) we tucked into our Westin Heavenly Bed, heads nestled in Heavenly Pillows, breathing in heavenly spa by Westin white tea aloe scent diffused throughout the hotel, and I had a dream that–surprisingly–I ended up remembering when I woke up.

In my dream, I was having a meltdown because I realized that I might not be able to accommodate two invitations to go camping, one from an aunt and one with a friend. I thought I was double-booked but checked with my friend and with her, I wasn’t going until later. In the dream, my aunt was keeping me in the loop while she made phone calls to her friend (also going camping) but she never asked me to do anything for preparations, as if she was prepared for me not to go. Meanwhile, I was aware of a male friend of mine hanging out in shadows on the wings, not part of the planning frenzy or anything. And then, like a signal to exit the dream, I heard an iPhone Tri-Tone alert in my dream (but I’m currently using the Tweet alert so I actually did dream an iPhone alert and did not have a real-world text message) and woke up.

Ignoring the inexplicable iPhone alert and the male friend, and any symbolism that I, in fact, detest going camping, the indisputable symbolism is that camping represents job opportunities I learned about earlier that day and my aunt and friend represent the cities they live in, Vancouver and Toronto respectively.

That’s all.

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