NPY’s PotD*: Day Forty-Three

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NPY had a night out with JT who is a new mother. Nice for both of them. NPY likes to order these new lime beers that keep popping up and I take credit for his love of things lemony and limey.


I think it was four years ago, back in 2007, when I last participated in NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month. That year, I think my output was a pitiful 25,000 words (out of a target 50,000) which is in some part due to my topic. I decided on and outlined essays I would write to go towards a “book of essays” I might like to dust off in a few decades to publish. The wait is because the stories are highly personal, of course…!

This year, I have both topic and time to do it it again. 30 days. 50,000 words. An average of 1,667 words per day. Further, I’ll have company for it which I did not have 4 years ago. Lil Sis and her colleague Jen participate in this writing exercise every now and then so it shall be quite fun to confer and commiserate. I decided that this year I would try my hand at a romance and have been getting really psyched to start writing after brainstorming quite a bit!

Since I will be hosting NPY and away for the first six days of November, I’m kicking things off earlier a little earlier, like October 22!


* NPY’s Picture of the Day. While I’m in Toronto and he is in Vancouver, 3400km away, we will try to share with each other (and consequently this blog) pictures that capture our day.

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