NPY’s PotD*: Day Thirty-Six

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The guys got together last night in the west-side to make their picks for their hockey pool. 8 guys, $20 each to play. I like how it makes NPY, who otherwise doesn’t care so much about hockey teams besides the Canucks (i.e., isn’t watching every last NHL game on TV), follow it some more. I’m the kind of girlfriend who’s like, “You’re watching sports? Good riddance, now I can do something else for a few hours!”

Not that I care who really picked who, or whether NPY got a really good first pick, but I started looking closely and saw some non-hockey playing celebrity names. Like Steve Nash, Katy Perry, and Lisa Boyle. My first explanation to myself is each guy chose a celebrity to toss into the mix??!  But then it was just “inside” jokes and wordplay. For example, a “Bill Crosby” pick  is for Sidney Crosby. “Carrie Fisher Price” is actually Mike Fisher. And “Katy Perry” is Corey Perry.

NPY was 7th to pick and aside from the 5th guy whose first pick was “St. Louis Blues”, it seems like NPY was the first to start this wordplay nonsense. Haha. But why, of all players, did he pick Katy Perry??


A couple of weeks ago, Vina pointed me towards a coupon: $25 for 5 hot yoga classes at GoodLife where she is a member. I was initially reticent but what’s the loss really? And I’ve really wanted to join Vina at her GoodLife classes that seem so much cooler than the ones Steve Nash Fitness World offers. The FW organization seems a little slow to extend their curriculum. As someone who rarely practices, I was really anxious about whether or not I would last the full hour, if I wouldn’t be the first person to throw in my (sweaty) towel.

We attended a YogaFit Sweat class that GoodLife offers that is a class of vinyasa-style flowing yoga at a moderate 24-27oC while proper hot yoga seems to be at 40oC (yikes).  I started to sweat pretty much right away and learned my attire was fairly appropriate–short yoga shorts, a Champion compression sport bra and a white technical t-shirt. By the second pose, I had tucked my t-shirt into my bra! The gym is new so their hot yoga studio is very clean with soft non-slip foam surface and a mat is not required. I appreciated how the class was conducted in dim lighting so no one is grossing out anyone else completely with what you see in the mirror. The routine was fairly easy so we made it through and the heat was quite exhilerating and not at all stifling. Every now and then I could feel a slightly cooling breeze pass through the room.

When you go downstairs at the 137 Yonge GoodLife location to the exercise studios and changing room this is the wallpaper you’re greeted with. Of course I’m fascinated by the pattern.


* NPY’s Picture of the Day. While I’m in Toronto and he is in Vancouver, 3400km away, we will try to share with each other (and consequently this blog) pictures that capture our day.

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