The TDot Experiment: Day Fifty-Four

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Note the name change? Yeah. The original idea was to share our parallel lives, NPY’s and mine, while I’m in Toronto and he’s in Vancouver, 3,400 km away. For me, it’s been pretty fun because I’m this long-time blogger and enjoy repackaging parts of my life in “blog bites”. It’s been more difficult for NPY who hasn’t experienced a change in scenery (although I do not think it is necessary) so I’ll be continuing this with just my photos. I might have something every day. I might not.

I’ve been in Toronto over a month (54 days) but not being in a great rush, I didn’t see my Mississauga relatives until this past weekend. Once Lil Sis came up with the idea to put together a fruit basket, we had a lot of fun shopping at super-supermarket Foody Mart and choosing from their vast selection of fruit. That means we get to try some of all of the fruit we bought, comparing milk bananas versus baby bananas, and try queen-of-all-fruits mangosteen and Vietnamese sweet apple (that fruit that reminds me of the ridges of a Hirogen hunter)!

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