So how did NaNo go….?

Grad Student Etiquette from PhD Comics

Yikes, so we closed November 2011 and my NaNoWriMo word count is 27,638, half of a fairly short 50K-word novel. I outlined quite a bit ahead but life happened. For full disclosure, I actually wrote seven days’ worth in October (!) because I knew I would be in New York 1-7 November and only wrote 8 days in November proper. :o

My very first gap in writing started on 11/11/11, the day I went from unemployed with no prospects to unemployed with future employment. Then there was the scramble to get everything in order while I still had whole days free. Mum came to town because there was a funeral and the whole family gathered together for a weekend. Then I took a look at my study schedule and realized I must finish a course by 1 December! These are legitimate reasons, no? :)

I also hit a wall in writing. It came to a point where I could not face the subject material and not so much because I had spent too long on it. You see, I was writing a “romance novel”, fictionalizing a relationship that preceded NPY. It was a bit of a metaphor for taking chances and the story became a bit Eat, Pray, Love-like which was fine for a while but then I didn’t believe EPL is so great after all and I no longer had the same steam to write about events that are temporally so close. So maybe there will be enough distance, enough answers come through, that I can continue when I’m off for Christmas….

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