The TDot Experiment*: Day Ninety-Six

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I was back in Vancouver for a whirlwind 48 hours over the weekend to take care of some stuff and as much as the flying exhilerates and energizes me and I try to use it to “gain five extra hours” on my life, I was a little dazed from the non-stop schedule. Both Toronto and Vancouver feel like home; in both cities I see people I love. I see NPY over Skype which is not the same as being there in person but then I see him in person like I have for five years. I would catch myself over the weekend forgetting which city I’m in.

My Foursquare tells me that I’ve been to Pearson, Toronto’s largest airport, four straight weeks which is what happens when my departing flight is on a Friday and I return on a Monday. The other two check-ins occurred when mum came through for a visit in November. Foursquare also tells me that I have traveled 2,081 miles since my last check-in ahead of having a feast of a hot pot meal at Top Gun in Burnaby last night!

When I told Vina about what’s lined up for Christmas, I got a little overwhelmed and mostly because I’m a little ragged from a red eye today. Thanks to NPY’s generosity, I’m headed to Vancouver on the busiest flying day of the year and spending Christmas there, where I’ve never spent Christmas before and with people I’ve never spent Christmas with. I’m back in Toronto on another red eye for a couple days of work then going to Halifax for New Year weekend! It is all manageable given it’s just domestic flights and I’m excited for each flight and trip. I am well aware that my excitement may wane very quickly with holiday travel snares but short of a flight being outright cancelled, I have a smooth system for these short trips to domestic destinations including a great carry-on luggage piece, the e-process down-pat, and ample diversions.

******** This is a blog series complementing my regular blog posts with the original idea was to share our parallel lives, NPY’s and mine, while I’m in Toronto and he’s in Vancouver, 3,400 km away. For me, it’s been pretty fun because I’m this long-time blogger and enjoy repackaging parts of my life in “blog bites”. It’s been more difficult for NPY who hasn’t experienced a change in scenery (although I do not think it is necessary) so I’ll be continuing this with just my photos. I might have something every day. I might not.

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