The TDot Experiment*: Day Ninety-Eight

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I. Can’t. Resist.

This Christmas, I decided that I would try to do as much of my shopping online and/or early. I feel like I’m already behind. Life has been… hectic and I don’t feel like I have enough energy beyond getting to work on time, working, and studying. A total of 90 minutes each day commuting is not the worst I have ever been through–I endured a 2-hour commute each way for 8 months when I refused to live in Etobicoke: bus, subway, bus, repeat. That was over 10 years ago.

We made a good dent on our wallets, Lil Sis and I, giving our money over to Canadian airlines. It turns out neither of us have the two/three weekdays between Christmas and New Year off but we had booked our flights far in advance assuming we’d have the whole week off. So this week, we paid nice high-season rates to come back to Toronto after Christmas and go back to Halifax after 2 days of work or just 1.5 days later. Lil Sis will visit Halifax twice while I’ll go to Vancouver for Christmas and then Halifax for New Year. I convinced her to join me and take a Porter flight out of the downtown airport on 29 December–we haven’t flown together in a while. And if you look at our flying schedules, we’re both passing through Pearson on 23 and 28 December but at different times, and rushing off to or from work in opposite directions!

I also could not resist putting in a small 11-item order to for a ton of Hello Kitty gadgets. I know, I’m sick in the head. But if these adorable green earphones from are any indication, kawaii stuff goes a long way to lift my mood and even feel better about myself. And I need more of that!

******** This is a blog series complementing my regular blog posts with the original idea was to share our parallel lives, NPY’s and mine, while I’m in Toronto and he’s in Vancouver, 3,400 km away. For me, it’s been pretty fun because I’m this long-time blogger and enjoy repackaging parts of my life in “blog bites”. It’s been more difficult for NPY who hasn’t experienced a change in scenery (although I do not think it is necessary) so I’ll be continuing this with just my photos. I might have something every day. I might not.

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