Can’t hardly wait for my Glossy Box

You know, The Body Shop isn’t even that chi-chi but when you’re reliant on drug store brands like I am, shopping The Body Shop, wielding gift cards from Christmas was a wonderous experience. I was shopping during their “Mother of All Sales” where you could buy three products and get two free and I still don’t usually spring so much on beauty products. The most I had paid for moisturizer up to that point was $20.49 for 75mL Aveeno tinted (1) moisturizer (2) with SPF (3). It has three functions! Then I paid $20 for 50mL of The Body Shop moisturizer with only two functions and broke some barriers. I will reluctantly admit that it works well and I have no complaints. Let’s not even get into the price-per-mL of anti-aging products…!

In terms of drug store brands, I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie. Just like the next woman. I love to try new products with no particular loyalty in any category. It’s so embarrassing how my drawer of “back-up” beauty products will not open easily, it’s so stuffed with impulse purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart such that I swore off buying those items I have too many of including body wash, shampoo, facial wash, moisturizer, and soap!

In the spirit of trying to strike a balance, I’m conceding to my novelty-seeking side while hopefully not inviting clutter by subscribing to Glossy Box. I had vaguely heard about beauty samples programs but with the recent arrival of Glossy Box in Canada, there was a big push through social media and I missed the February box but made it in for March! My birthday month!

It is a monthly subscription of $15 and that covers the delivery fee of the box every month containing five high-end samples. I’ve indicated my preference for more practical products like skin- and haircare but otherwise eagerly wait to see what I will receive. Isn’t receiving a parcel always so nice? :) Further, if I blog about the products–which I will in my fumbling, tomboy way–I can collect Glossy Dots (reward points) and translate them into free Glossy Boxes down the line.

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