Why you should come on a destination marathon with me

I have still registered for zero of the three (or four) races bouncing around in my head but came up with this cute (?) “Top Ten” list of reasons to persuade someone to join me on a destination marathon trip. Maybe it could work for you, too?

  1. “We will have a big pasta dinner on Saturday night!” I will find you a joint that serves ample portions, no fuss and frills. It will probably be delicious. I’ve had memorable dinners at Chianti in Vancouver, Olive Garden in Calgary, and Macaroni Grills in Victoria (BC) and Portland (OR).
  2. “See a new city in a completely unique way,” as you follow the map I’ve drawn to find the cheer stations around the city and look out for me at x:xx time running by!
  3. “Feast your eyes on hot runner boys (or girls).”
  4. “There will be a unique shopping experience” at the marathon expo.
  5. “We’ll get free stuff,” albeit all running-related, also at the marathon expo.
  6. “The city will be a hopping hub of activity.” It totally brought a corner of Detroit back to life back in October when we visited and that was just the day preceding the marathon.
  7. “We’ll have a big indulgent meal afterwards!” Pasta the night before and then something on the order of a three-course meal the next night, after the marathon? Yes. My most memorable meals have included The Keg in Victoria (BC), and Quail’s Gate in Kelowna after marathons, Cafe Medina recently after a Sun Run, and all those “the usual” White Spot brunches after Sun Runs. You’ll be spoiled.
  8. “I will regale you with riveting conversation,” breaking down the race afterwards, mile by mile… and then start all over again.
  9. Marathon rates at hotels. Unless they sell out. But then, Priceline can often do better, if you get the rate.
  10. “I will plan everything,” around the marathon and festivities and conserving my energy, of course!
  11. Bonus: I will let you wear my medal!

Hah! :D


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