1/5 in Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the Rim to Win (Toronto Life Ep. 201)

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When I was in Vancouver, I heard people speculate and grumble that Tim Hortons’ Rrroll Up the Rim to Win winning cups were unevenly distributed such that there were more winners in “the East”, Ontario and Maritimes, where Tims has a larger customer base.

The opposite is speculated here where I heard a resigned remark that more winners are sent “out West” in order to encourage more people in Land o’ Starbucks to give Tim Hortons a shot. Afterall, people here will continue buying their Tims coffee regardless.

The finger pointing and conspiracy theories are fun.

I’ve also heard that winners are unevenly distributed such that larger cups are more often winners. I’m still just going to get the new small (former medium) size… because I’m small.

After four straight losing cups, I finally hit a winner which entitles me to another shot at the game in that I won a free coffee or latte!

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