An Apple kind of day (Toronto Life Ep. 197)

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To the online ordering system, I gave my work address as the delivery address because I didn’t want it to go through my apartment concierge for various reasons. I know that both work and concierge are upstanding and ethical people but you can’t blame a girl for wanting to get her hands on the product as soon as the courier brings it, can you?

Just after we hit the Submit button on the order, I cursed because I just remembered that for the rest of the week I was unexpectedly called to work in Office 2, a little walk from Office 1 where it was being sent. But – hallelujah – the precious little notification email from the mailroom came over my lunch hour and I dashed over to get my hot hands on it. And there the innocuous brown box sat for the afternoon in the corner of my cubicle.

What did NPY get me for my birthday (and upcoming anniversary and Christmas)….?

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An 11″ MacBook Air! My first Mac computer! My first ultra-light computer! He didn’t dream up the gift idea all on his own but he’s certainly the most generous and bestest NPY…!

Later in the afternoon, I got a parcel notification to pick up from concierge – those are the best emails – and queued up at the concierge desk for what I swear was ten minutes. I prefer not to interact with them too much because while I’m sure they are intelligent men, they carry out their jobs like bumbling idiots. So slow. So not “city”.

The wait was so long to get served because he was rummaging in the back room for a parcel for the woman ahead of me. He returned empty-handed and it turned out he misheard when she said “Suite 2612” and looked for “3612”. Sigh. He finally returned and since I had just opened my own Apple brown box, I could see the woman ahead of me received a brown box with the black Apple logo peeking out on the shipping invoice. Looks like someone just got an iPad….

Meanwhile, I was clutching my conspicuous white Apple laptop box since I hadn’t gone upstairs yet. My parcel notification was for a Deal Extreme order that was arriving a mere six weeks after I order it.

At the end of the concierge counter, I noticed a frustrated-looking woman using a MacBook Pro. She indicated to the concierge that the system told her her parcel had been signed for but she did not receive it. The concierge feigned surprise at the news.

On the day the (new) iPad (3) was released and people lined up for hours, I was no where near an Apple store (or coffee shop) and yet non-iPhone Apple products abounded!

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