New theme around here: Typominima

Let it be recorded here (because while dated March 24, this was only published on April 10) that after spending hours browsing hundreds then testing tens of themes, I elected to useĀ Typominima, a typography-based and minimal theme.

I’ve been using Arthemia at the old domain for years upon years after I customized it fairly satisfactorily and filled it amply with content. It looks like a freakin’ magazine. Which has its purposes. When I selected Typominima, I justified using a very blog-looking theme over another magazine because [1] I hadn’t ported enough content over and [2] I don’t have the time to customize another magazine theme. It was almost a fluke that I figured out most all of Arthemia. But I also came to love the clean look and feminine feel to Typominima so, as with the rest of life, I am currently loathed to change.

Further, I love the sample content page and looking for reasons to paginate (often) and use intro quotes!

On this day..