Overtime (Toronto Life Ep. 208)

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Usually, I get off work and walk by the pre-game crowds outside the Air Canada Centre. Tonight, as I walked home, it was the first time I was walking amongst the post-game crowd, leaving work after 9 p.m.!! I hadn’t the faintest what had happened in the game and tried to gauge the fans’ expressions. Unreadable. Not overly happy but not mad. I checked my news feeds and the following headline said it all, “Maple Leafs officially eliminated from playoff chase.” Boo… I would not have minded a post-season since I like hearing the fog horn announcing very Leaf goal!

It seemed like the height of irony (or something like it) that on the day I have a delicious dinner idea, I  wouldn’t be able to leisurely execute it. The day I have a hard and long interval training session, I come up with a foolproof excuse to push it back. I’ve lived for this rush at work since I was hired back in November. I’ve lived to live through this, experience the full cycle. So it is priority.

At 9, after a few of the most productive hours of my day and feeling good about the files I started and can wrap up tomorrow, I got to go home. While I prepared home-style steamed chicken with mushroom, wood ear, and lily buds (recipe from The Wisdom of a Chinese Kitchen), I ate other food, a truly bachelorette mish-mash including grilled buttered roti, homemade antipasto mushrooms, and cereal. I couldn’t fathom the idea of a 70-minute workout nor could I really squeeze it in before midnight after the food preparation, so I compromised with a 30-minute spin on the elliptical. It will have to do.

Steamed chicken and rice that was cooked below went straight into lunch containers. I look forward to having it for lunch tomorrow already, the perfect sustenance for what might be an equally long day.

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