Registered: Oasis Montreal Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (half)

When I was nice and new to my apartment and riding the elevator right after work when there were the most numerous fellow passengers, a girl came into the elevator on the second floor after completing a workout in the condo gym.

I openly admired her colourful elastic hairband that was pink or purple and thin but there was room for something simple like “26.2” to be printed on it several times in a row. It’s a simple shout-out to the marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

When I’m at new-to-me races, I am excited to visit the runners’ expo. There could be free food samples. There are booths advertising near-future races in other cities that get me dreaming, “One day….” There are clothing booths from the title sponsor to major sports labels to running-specific boutiques. I like browsing the styles while sometimes chuckling at how commercialized running can be. I haven’t raced so much recently nor have I done different races (although I did visit the Detroit and New York expos last year because I was coincidentally in town over marathon weekend), yet nothing really surprises me. The hairband, on the other hand, was so simple and something I would get.

So, with everyone within earshot in the elevator, I told the girl I admired her hairband and asked her where she got it. She answered, “You know what? It’s funny you should ask. I got it at an expo. For the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in __.” (I can’t remember which American city now.) She extolled how awesome the R’n’R expo is, best she’s ever seen and I said I would definitely want to check out an R’n’R race and expo.

While I’m in Toronto, it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to get another medal from a race in a nearby province. I really don’t know when I’ll ever be able to justify flying to St. John’s (NL), Winnipeg, or Saskatchewan but going to Quebec is feasible. Since I have my eye on visiting Quebec City for the first time for the Staircase Challenge, to spread out my cities, the logical choice was to find a marathon in Montreal.

I was instantly on board once learning that this year’s Oasis Montreal Marathon is now part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series and this year is the inaugural year for the partnership. I’m a little blase about racing in Montreal given what looks like a loopy and repetitive course, but I’m sure I’ll be more excited under adrenaline. R’n’R will add something-something special to otherwise Canadian (albeit Quebecois) race. And I have my eye on finally earning a Heavy Medal (the Rock Encore one) this year if I do Las Vegas Strip at Night in December!

So far as I know right now–the race is not until end of September–we’ll be taking VIA Rail to Montreal on Saturday, chilling in a different city, spending one night in a nearby Marriott and leaving Sunday evening.

On this day..


  1. Josh says:

    So did you do the Rock n Roll Montreal Oasis race today? How did it go?

    1. wyn says:

      Hi Josh,
      Thanks for checking! I thought it was a great race and am glad I did it. My recap will be up later on Monday as I got back in late on Sunday, race day.

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