Registered: Toronto Yonge Street 10K

Starting with the 2005 edition, I did the Vancouver Sun Run 10K race a whopping five times in seven years. What’s funny is that I kept doing it after swearing the year before I wouldn’t deign to do that non-race again.

So it stands to reason that since I’m in Toronto for however long I will be here, I have to find the corresponding Big Citywide Springtime 10K Race. The Toronto Yonge Street 10K (formerly known as the Sporting Life 10K, which still exists but got moved to a different day) seems to be it. It is, the website tells me, “Canada’s EASIEST and one of the fastest downhill 10k’s, the course runs right down the middle of Canada’s most famous street—Yonge Street!” I will, once and for all, run down Yonge Street which I have driven up and down countless time when I’ve reasoned, “I don’t need to take the highway, traffic won’t be so bad,” and was dead wrong.

The race will begin practically on my cousin’s doorstep at Yonge and Roselawn and take over Yonge Street all the way down to Richmond before hanging a left, heading west to end at the gates of the Exhibition grounds. One year, cousin Alan, who is a night-owl and not a runner, stumbled out of bed and ran the 10K. It’s too bad he moved to Vancouver or else I would try to get him to repeat his performance. Instead, Lil Sis who was a turkey when she completed her first 10K with me in 2008 actually registered for this race and we’ll try to PB. We will necessarily have course PBs, haha. NPY arrives in town the day before for a week-long visit and he will be holding our TTC day pass in order to see us off, pick up a coffee, and meet us at the finish.


The hardware (medals) look really decent (another pic) which might make up for the potential eyesore of technical t-shirts. I had an orange t-shirt once, an ill-fitting Running Room pace bunny t-shirt. They do say that a lot of the aesthetics lie in having the proper fit. I’ll try to hold on to my shirt if possible, after all, each one is a “collector’s item — first edition shirt with the new race name!”

They weren’t kidding about the downhill course. I plotted the course in to get this elevation profile for this year’s course. I don’t think there should be any holding back!

On this day..


  1. jean paul corbeil says:

    the sporting life 10k does exist and i have heard that it be 25000 people running it May 13th

  2. JBG says:

    Too bad politics got in the way of raising money for a kids charity. Hopefully, people will be less confused next year by the schedule change and support the Sporting Life 10K.

    In regards to the profile, it does not seem quite accurate. The only short uphill sections you will encounter are from 3.0K to 3.5K (Mt. Pleasant Cemetery to St. Clair Ave.) and from 4.0K to 4.K (Rosedale Valley Rd. to Bloor St.). I don’t believe the uphill section your profile shows at 6K-7K exists. It is all downhill between Dundas and Queen (in front of Eaton’s Centre).

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