The TDot Experiment*: Day One-Eighty-Six

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You could have hung a black cloud over my head as a warning symbol, I was in such a foul mood. And it was a Monday. At least my hair felt and smelled clean or I would had a breakdown.

I spent a blissful weekend alone, free, and in a bubble so it was a little harsh to face the world again. Working on a report that was far from ideal that I spent all day struggling with. A colleague’s news that I could have forecasted weeks ago and it makes me second-guess myself. Apparently, I’m very competitive about work. Learning my blog idea has become someone else’s book (although it’s not like I could ever honestly publish that kind of material). Dreading all day the “5K run” that I have no idea how to measure using a treadmill. NPY got mad at me in our last conversation last night so I was sad. And to start off the day, elevator traffic.

As I was waiting for the elevator, having left a few minutes later than usual, I was pleased that the worst I have to deal with in the mornings is elevator traffic. And the odd human traffic if I go through Union Station for some reason (like a heavy rain storm) and some other thing has gone wrong (like when it flooded in the PATH). And when it took a long time for the elevator to arrive and there were already three people and I’m in the top one-third of the building, it was not a good sign. My fifty-floor apartment building has the appearance of five elevators but two or three of them have been down for repairs for weeks and it all came to a head this morning. The elevator stopped every second floor to pick up another person which makes you all the more panicky when you just want to get to work already! By the twentieth-floor, there were 11 of us in the elevator with capacity for 16 and people on lower floors declined to get on. We still had to stop on their floors because they had pressed the elevator call button. And then, mysteriously, when we got down to the tenth floor, the elevator spontaneously changed directions and started going back up again and there was nothing we could do to stop it! We desperately watched the indicator climb to 40th floor with a couple of stops along the way. And then we started descending again with elevator stopping every five floors for people who did not get on. It was the longest ride ever. Once again, when we got below the tenth floor, the elevator left descending mode but people standing by the buttons were vigilant and violently and repeatedly punched the “G” button and after hesitating for a moment, the elevator agreed to continue down to ground floor.

Tomorrow, a Tuesday, will be better.

******** This is a blog series complementing my regular blog posts with the original idea was to share our parallel lives, NPY’s and mine, while I’m in Toronto and he’s in Vancouver, 3,400 km away. For me, it’s been pretty fun because I’m this long-time blogger and enjoy repackaging parts of my life in “blog bites”. It’s been more difficult for NPY who hasn’t experienced a change in scenery (although I do not think it is necessary) so I’ll be continuing this with just my photos. I might have something every day. I might not.

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