April 12, National Grilled Cheese Day

After reading the 21+ Ways to Upgrade Your Grilled Cheese, I’m tempted to buy a loaf of bread and use it prepare the best-sounding (to me) ideas:

  • Instead of butter on the outside, spread mayonnaise like Miracle Whip (or Kewpie that I have??) on the surface
  • Grilled Caprese: sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, EVOO
  • Grilled Chipeeze: potato chips in the sandwich (although I’ve strictly banned potato chips from my diet, they are allowed if it forms part of a meal)
  • Grilled Brie with Nutella
  • Grilled Kimcheeze
  • Crisp Grilled Cheese: grill in a thin layer of Parmesan cheese so the outside is crispy like a cheese cracker
  • Grilled cheese eggsplosion: prepare a grilled cheese sandwich first then use it to make egg in a hole!

These are not ingredients I normally keep around so it might take a while. Oh, but there will be photographs.

Now, because I am so inclined, here is a parade of photos from my Flickr stream of grilled cheese sandwiches from my past!





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