Cherry blossoms in High Park (Toronto Life Ep. 220)

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What’s this High Park area of Toronto that people speak of? Most recently, I was listening to DNTO segment and one of the poems included in the Toronto Love Letters project was regarding High Park. Something like how it would takes years upon years to completely know it. Further, some tweets about cherry blossom festival going on in Vancouver prompted me to wonder if Toronto’s climate could also support cherry blossoms. It does and I did not have to go far, but to High Park to view them.

Lil Sis, who stayed with me Thursday night through to Monday morning, said that if we were “good” enough (re: our diets) we could go for brunch on Easter Sunday. After two nights of home cooking with delicious and plentiful fresh Chinese vegetables from T&T each of us had completed rigorous workouts on Saturday evening, she green-lighted brunch at Barque Smokehouse on Roncesvalles. We got a good dose of their candied bacon in their most ultra-rich versions of grilled cheese sandwich and French toast!

Which provides energy to walk around in nearby High Park.

I can’t find the link any longer but there was a hilarious website about High Park where the writer admonishes people trying to access the park by car. But… the in-park parking is free so we certainly were going to drive around a couple of times looking for a spot. Fortunately, the spot we finally secured was right by where the Sakura trees started and we quickly got our obligatory cherry blossoms photos at the most blooming tree in the park. (The blooms had just appeared at most a day before.)


From Hillside where several cherry blossom trees were in bloom, we walked down the Sakura-lined walkway to Duck Pond and came to appreciate the terrain of the city park. I kept thinking, “This is Toronto’s Stanley Park”, without the water view. I suppose I could go running there….

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