My first law course (Toronto Life Ep. 222)

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Now that My First Accounting Course is in the books, closed–whew!–I’m onto the next one. I registered in October but didn’t started it until December and since I purchased a course extension, I have to finish it by the end of May in order to start another course in June. It doesn’t end! But my brain is exercised and happy for it.

At first, the idea of a law course sounded great. Like accounting, I’ve never before made a foray into the discipline but my interest quickly waned as the details bog me down. I’m all for reading (and highlighting!) but just by being a law text, even geared towards business students, the language immediately becomes untenable to me. And there are all the footnotes on each page that are adding a lot of detail and information to the main text. It’s overwhelming.

As comfortable and inviting as my couch is, this is where I have to plant myself for the good part of every evening while I get my course and progress under control. Do I need both computers? Yes! Part security blanket, part containing the tools (MS Word and Excel) that I need to use to draft my assignments. NPY needs to crack open his books and study, too. We sorely rue that we cannot study together and I suggested to him Skype Studying (like Skype sleeping), but he won’t go for it… yet!

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