One little post, 10 years ago

It seems that ten years ago, I created a publicly accessible HTML page on my Dalhousie computer science server space with the following text. The URL was “” which, not so sadly, is now a dead link. Sigh, them good ole days.

Then two days later, I made an update. Then another one a day after that. I was… weblogging! I changed the font colour every day and put a horizontal bar (<hr>) to divide the days. Here are the first three days, reversed from the reverse chronological order how it appeared in the HTML file, complete with formatting. (Note: the font was Arial but I think my Typominima theme CSS template is overwriting that tag.)

April 23, 2002

I have been inspired by this site to do something along the same line. But do you think there is quite enough content going on in my life to post??

These days, it’s nothing but study-study-study. Four more finals to go and my senior year is a closed book! My favourite show, after Star Trek, just started up its final season yesterday and the title character, Felicity, is mulling the implications of her senior year starting. I didn’t see the episode but that’s because I’m saving it as a treat for < 1 week from now!!

April 25, 2002

I saw that Felicity episode today because I took the afternoon and evening off. < WoW > I wish I had seen the episode much earlier this year, like in September when it was supposed to have aired. She is one confused girl and I can really identify with her! There is something iminently scary about having to start my future and that whatever path I take has to be my decision. You know what? I sat there hoping that her parents would just swoop in and enrol her in premed and pay for her fourth year. Even if I don’t agree with a university student having to rack up a student loan (a Chinese thing), I do have to agree with the incomparable feeling of declaring your independence, of asserting your self-sufficiency.

DL recommended me to this site: guicookies. Apparently it’s really new because there only 347 users and I could actually get my own name as my username! *Almost* renders my links page obsolete, which is exactly why Dung recommended it to me because my links page so sucks! :p

April 26, 2002

Today’s font colour is in honour of my extinct “random links” page. Apparently I overwrote it when I was shuffling files on my borg (CS) and is2 (general) accounts and now my carefully cultivated list of links is just a copy of my index file!!

Oh, Berryhill, my choice of graduation photographer, called saying my preview prints are in. I really want to pick them up today! But it can definitely wait until Monday. Three more days to go and that is how much time is left when I start my countdown. My chemistry classmates have been counting down since the beginning of term!

You might not want to join me but I went on a little walk down memory lane and posted from my back-up other posts from around my blogiversary over the years

  • 2003: April 22, April 24 – I tend to forget that there were stretches when I went clubbing a lot and I thought I was so intelligent about life decisions
  • 2004: April 22, my sister and I went for Indian food in Halifax
  • 2005: April 23, marked 3-year blogiversary
  • 2006: April 23, a delicious tofu recipe; I also found an April 23 post I wrote for Vancouver Metblogs about the Sun Run
  • 2007: April 23, my “I hate cilantro!” post
  • 2008: April 21, Sun Run post
  • 2009: April 23, marking 7 years
  • 2010: April 17, running merchandise for girls
  • 2011: April 28, super-fun round-up of places I went to eat during my Easter Toronto trip

Frankly, only the first few years’ posts were fun. Back when I was so blissfully ignorant and young and wrote about everything!

On this day..