Regimented weekend (Toronto Life Ep. 227)

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On Saturday and Sunday, I woke up excited to have the same delicious breakfast: fresh made crepes and a mug of malty Ovaltine. I puttered around doing “house things” and on Sunday even got myself out the door to get to the market and then settle in for some regimented study-play for the evenings.

On Saturday, I studied for an hour and then painted for an hour then repeated that twice. I set my iPhone Clock app to the Timer function and it counted down from 55 minutes to give me a few minutes to wrap up or do non-studying and non-play things. On Sunday, I studied for an hour and then did all manners of other “errands” on my computer or worked on my marathon scrapbook. And then, at the end of each evening, a workout in the condo gym. It was an exhilaratingly productive weekend!

Earlier in the week, I added a “study” calendar to my Google Calendar and it works already to keep me accountable and encourage me to have solid blocks of studying time logged.

At a shop in Market Village, Lil Sis and I came across “grown-up paint-by-numbers” and we went gaga for them. She bought two and I mulled and mulled over what scene I wanted to spend hours (and hours and hours) painting. I regretted my lame cafe scene almost right away and wished I had picked the whimsical scene of a Japanese girl standing under a tree on a windy autumn day. Oh well. It’s been fun and somewhat creative. I’ve never been really into using paint let along acrylics but I’m growing to like it and want to make an original canvas next!



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