Registered: Quebec City Staircase Challenge Super Challenge (19K)

Since learning about the Quebec City Staircase Challenge (Defi des Escaliers) several years ago, I haven’t stopped wanting to do it as it is a truly unique event within the realm of what I would do. That is, I’m not doing triathalons or ultra-marathons or those crazy Warrior Dash/Spartan Sprints–not my style. But adding some intensity with some stairs in what is otherwise a road race… sure!

I registered first since I was just itching to get my confirmation and then we booked our “half price” Porter flights to Quebec: leaving on Friday night after work, back on the Sunday evening. And when Lil Sis offered to join me for the shorter distance that would be the first 13K of my 19K route, I did not stop reminding her every few days because she did not seem to want to act on it until the deadline before the fee hike. But she’s registered and we’re going to have fun no matter how it goes down!

It took quite a while for the map and route description to go up but it only served to heighten my interest although I had to delay this post. The brief description is that my race is a 19K course around the city and will cover 3,000 stairs. I will train as if it is a half-marathon distance and add stepping workouts on the StairMaster and stepper machine to the mix. My grand idea to run up the 30+ storeys of my apartment building to my suite have not yet materialized.

I’m really eager to see Quebec City. It’s “once in a lifetime” as few of my friends care to visit and I wouldn’t likely return with all the other places to visit. I’m also eager to do the race and write all about it because I haven’t been able to find an English (or French) language review for this race.

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