The Nordica cottage cheese experiment

A few weeks ago, informed me that Nordica/Gay Lea was giving away vouchers for a free tub of their cottage cheese if you Like them on Facebook, etc.

Cottage cheese is one of those things I feel like I “should like” and have not given a decent try. I haven’t procured for myself a great amount of it before but have tried it at a breakfast/salad bar with the fruit that was sitting next to it as mixings. Perhaps I did not also take enough of the syrup the fruit was dunked in and as a result I did not like it. Perhaps just fruit+cottage cheese just won’t float my boat. Perhaps I was young and not prepared for the taste and texture.

A 500-gram tub of cottage will not be a huge quality but I can try a few things and here are the recipes that use just pantry staples to figure out how on earth I like my cottage cheese:

  • Warmed with apples: bite-sized apple chunks, cinnamon, cottage cheese, nuke it [source]
  • Chocolate: sugar, cocoa, vanilla extract “tastes like chocolate cheesecake” [source]
  • Black pepper, EVOO, salt, boiled egg: Nordica posted on FB inviting comments on how to prepare cottage cheese for a quick snack and this theme kept coming up [source]
  • Pineapple and cottage cheese: recently, The Food List Challenge has been going around on Facebook and I laughed when I saw on the list pineapple+cottage cheese and I couldn’t check it off!

Other than despising the apple and cinnamon recipe, I enjoyed the other three which covers both sweet and savoury ways to enjoy cottage cheese.



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