April 2012 GlossyBox in Canada

The May Glossy Box is in the mail as I write and I have yet to write about the April Glossy Box so here it is in a rush. I have only gotten around to trying two of the six products but I can definitely do the calculations on the rest and present the value, which is always a good one.

 Elizabeth Grant Golden Angel Bath & Shower Gel
120mL,  $10 (card indicates $20 for 240mL)
A full size bottle of luxe bath & shower gel from a brand that is new to me. It’s not just pretty but also functional: “this formula is clinically shown to improve the look of tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spots–for naturally radiant skin.” I put away my Dove energizing and invigorating grapefruit-lemongrass body wash to try this one out right away. The scent I would ascribe to this shower gel is “powdered flowers”. It is definitely perfumey and–I do believe it has to do with the yellow colour–I keep think I smell something fermented like beer or apple juice when I first smell it. It lathers up well but not crazy and leaves a moisturized feeling afterwards, i.e., it does not all rinse away. Some people got other Elizabeth Grant body wash like island-inspired with coconut scent.

Wella Brilliance Conditioner (Fine to Normal)
30 mL, $1.68 ($13.99 for 250mL)
Conditioner I can always use but this doesn’t really match the texture of my hair and my hair is not coloured (not really). It’s not a whole lot of product to use up and any conditioner is better than the none-at-all I am currently using. The scent is really heady in a berry-bubblegum way but I find it’s a really “thin” product that seems to just seep through my hair.

Wella Brilliance Treatment (Fine to Normal)
25 mL, $2.33 ($13.99 for 150mL)
Now, this product is intriguing. “Three lightweight polymers” instantly restore hair’s vibrancy and one of the ingredients is diamond dust! The stuff does shimmer so prettily in the pot. I wasn’t too sure what to do with this until it was described as a “mask” which at least points me in that direction. Suffice it to say I haven’t tried it yet but what a treat it will be for my hair!

Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara
9 mL, $12.50
Isn’t this something I can get in a drugstore? No matter. My dirty little secret is that I haven’t bought mascara for myself… ever. I’ve inherited some from my sister used and that will shock and gross out people who religiously change up their tubes every three months or whatever. So it’s nice to have a really fresh tube and I should be able to squeeze in a quick brush-on some mornings now that I’m all responsible for my looks and what-not. This mascara purports to lengthen and curl–I still am not picking my own mascara but this is an exciting start!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
120mL, $22.99
Aveeno again!? I haven’t started using this since I’ve already started on another moisturizer but no doubt I will use this because I religiously use moisturizer no matter all my other beauty sins. Aveeno is a solid and natural product. I’ve been using their tinted moisturizer that is a bit dry on account of the tint and have the intention of “diluting” the tinted moisturizer with this untinted and runnier one.

Marcelle BB Cream Beauty Balm
Two-use sample ($22.95 for 45mL)
This new product is an 8-in-1 skin enhancer with self-adjusting pigments that suits all ages and skin types. You can wear it as a tinted moisturizer (which I will) or as a make-up base, etc.
1. Evens out skin tone
2. Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
3. Protects from premature ageing and environmental stresses
4. Promotes skin regeneration
5. Controls shine
6. Soothes and calms
7. Reduces the appearance of imperfections
8. Provides anti-dull radiant complexion
Since receiving this sample, I’ve been aware of an advertising campaign on television for this cream. Well, Glossy Box makes me more aware. It was very nice to apply but I think “light to medium” skin tones was a little too light for me but otherwise it was a nice and natural-feeling product.

Glossy Box cost, as usual, $15
Products value, $49.50

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