May 2012 Glossy Box in Canada

I’m kind of getting used to getting my Glossy Boxes at the end of the month while it means that the May Glossy Box barely made it for May. I’m a product junkie but I don’t get around to using it all really quickly. This month however….

This was undeniably a good box because I know I will use to the last drop 4 of the 5 items. (No bonus this month after enjoying them the first two months!)

Curel Foot Cream
100mL, $3.99
This was the first item I pulled out and I thought, “How pedestrian.” Okay, I didn’t think exactly those words but it was a momentary letdown feeling. And I read the postcard to see the value. Just $3.99! That’s so… average! But will I use it? Oh, very surely.

boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in Amber
4g, $24
I felt the flat plastic case of this product and thought about oil-sopping tissues and mused for a moment over what it turned out to be. How the heck am I supposed to use it and why didn’t it come in a handier case? I suppose it can be taken out of the plastic and popped into someone’s vacated case but I’ll be ghetto-fabulous and keep it in plastic.
It is an oil-free cream corrector that blends seamlessly into skin leaving a natural and flawlessly velvety finish. (Reading straight from the card here.) The product can serve as a primer, concealer, foundation and brightener. The 4-g package is full size!
Well, I am looking forward to trying it out and being flawless looking and all.

Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo
250mL, $15.78
My eyes traveled down on the card and I knew I got Sebastian (read: salon) shampoo. So I pulled out next the full size bottle of shampoo. The March box contained sample Sebastian hairspray which I use infrequently. I don’t see the difference–my thick hair does whatever the heck it wants to. But this salon-grade volumizing shampoo I will use.

Simple Eye Makeup Remover
56mL, $9.99
I started to notice this UK brand popping up at the drug store and I lean in to take a look. Name is Simple but price is fancy! I’ve wanted to get eye makeup remover for the odd days I “treat myself” (i.e., have the time in the morning) and wear some mascara and I want to remove it properly. Score!
Tried it: It was a nice and gentle formula that easily and completely removed my amateur application of mascara.

Simple Facial Wash Gel
50mL, $9.99
Second Simple brand product in the box (last month they doubled up on Wella stuff) but I will most certainly use this face wash, revelling in the natural “skin-loving” ingredients cleaning my face at the end of the day. If you know me and my love for the colour green, I also love the look of this brand.
Tried it: The gel was nice and thick but lathered sufficiently and was mildly invigorating and left my skin feeling really clean.

Glossy Box cost: $15/month
This month’s total products cost: $63.75

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