New theme for Fresh & Clean

I’ve admired the Fresh & Clean WordPress theme for quite a while. It is significantly simpler than the Arthemia theme that I’ve used for many years now that I may very well return to when I return. That’s the neat thing about using themes in WordPress: as long as I keep the Arthemia theme, all my settings painstakingly tweaked by accessing the PHP files remain. The sidebar widgets might mess up a little but the main fixes will still be in the files and I can revert at any time!

Fresh & Clean is more feminine than Arthemia no matter which colours you theme the latter. It is more blog but has a little more magazine aspects than a straight blog theme. And I love the slider. That’s the main magazine aspect of F&C that I enjoy, will enjoy, going forward when I have subsequent entries and add Featured Images. I haven’t gone back to all past posts and allow them to “degrade gracefully”. The built-in related posts features is also nice about F&C.

On this day..