Royal fireworks at Ashbridges Bay (Toronto Life Bonus Ep. 263)

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A few days ago, I browsed the schedule CBC posted for the whirlwind Canada visit of Princes Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) and figured the only thing I could go to was the fireworks tonight but was I really going to head a few miles into the eastside after I had settled in comfortably at home?!

But at 9:10 I started hearing the alluring boom-booming of… fireworks!! Apparently my east-facing balcony has a clear view of Ashbridges Bay which I hope is the site of other fireworks this summer. So I watched the same fireworks the royals watched with my own snazzy seat in the sky.

The Gardiner headed eastbound was backed up through the fireworks and still at a standstill an hour later.

I also have a view of the Grand Chapiteau of the Cirque the Soleil, currently showing Cavalia. There is one ugly brick factory between me and the tents so I don’t get a full view.

And after the fireworks grand finale wrapped, I could hear someone on the balcony of the next building applaud. So I applauded too.

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