June 2012 Glossy Box in Canada

It seems that with the timely arrival of Glossy Box on the last weekday of the past few months and my need to immediately blog about it, that it’s been occasion for me to look back on the past month and not just in a beauty-related way. June 2012 will go down in the record books as one interesting month where I made three round trips to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and all the associate crazy work hours, dinners (with the group and alone) and living out of a suitcase for the greater part of a month. I’ve mentioned the work in passing in other blog posts but I haven’t mentioned one of my favourite parts which was staying in the modern, new Holiday Inn. And the beauty-related part is trying out the bath products Holiday Inn and Sheraton (where I also stayed) carried!

Holiday Inn carried Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena (BBW-CLV) shampoo, conditioner and body lotion and while I passed on getting a full-size bottle of it (on account of the coconut flavour), it was nice to see a familiar brand while on the road. I had a good routine there, sleeping somewhat early (nothing to do) and consequently rising early and hitting the hotel gym a few times before taking a shower, particularly when there was indulging the night before at dinner. Even though we all got into the office at the (ungodly) hour of 8 a.m., half an hour before I would usually roll int, I still managed to fit in the work-out, washing, conditioning and somewhat drying my hair, a “long” commute (10 minutes) and sitting down for a quick breakfast! I might actually be more productive (in my morning routine) in Saskatoon?! I felt smashing the day I used BBW-CLV shampoo and conditioner and the fragrant scent lasted well into the day, which is more than I can say about my usual el-cheapo products. Sheraton carried a made-for-Sheraton Bliss product that was unimaginatively flavoured mandarin mint. Not offensive smelling and looking at the mini size of the bottles I wonder if the hotel bottles are headed towards one-use packages and there is so much shampoo wasted per bottle that you just can’t squeeze out.

So, I was really excited to see what was in this month’s Glossy Box! June was a crazy month with travel, work there, studying, and work here! What great new products were there to try?

Wella Professional Ocean Spritz hairspray
150mL / $16.99
My hand fell on a slender cool tube and I pulled it out. More hairspray?! While I wanted hairspray and got a sample size in the March Glossy Box, what the heck to I do with a whole bottle that promises to give my hair chunky texture like I’ve spent the day at the beach?

Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser
200mL / $9.99
I drag out the sweet surprise of a Glossy Box by keeping the contents covered and reaching inside the box. My hand fell next on the next biggest item which was the face wash. I love face wash and use it every day with one bottle on the counter for evening and one bottle in the shower for the morning. I experiment fairly widely.
Biore seems to be reinventing itself again shedding the mint green theme of late for this icy cool and somewhat clinical white and blue. But behind the label is a good product still.
Tried it: This one was easy to try right away. I recognized the lovely fruity scent from using moisturizer back when the packaging was green. The cleanser was a lovely thick gel that rinsed off clean leaving my skin so soft and clean.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55
88mL / $15.99 (sample was 14mL = ~$2.54)
This is a familiar product to me if there ever was one. A few years ago (2008?) when Neutrogena first rolled their sunscreen lotion, it would appear in every marathon goody bag I picked up that year, in multiples! First, I was getting the tubes with SPF 30 and I thought the formula was brilliant–non-greasy, nice scent, solid product. Then all I seem to get later was that with SPF 55 which is reassuring (and mostly unnecessary) which is more dry and I have to worry that I’ll end up with white streaks on my face, especially after running. How great is this stuff? A girlfriend use to wear this instead of moisturizer on a daily basis and I have definitely substituted it for moisturizer on days when I know I will get more sun than usual, like an errand-running day. A good sunscreen that you’ll wear is a great find!

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex
50mL / $30.99 (sample is 7mL = ~$4.34)
What is this next small tube I pulled out? Yay! An anti-aging product. I love and kind of hoard this stuff, as it in I don’t get around to using it. Fortunately, this may not be the product for me as it goes after fine lines. I’ll be inspecting my fact closely (which can’t be an uplifting task when it happens) to see where I can apply this product. I’m not boasting; there is a chance I have these fine lines but never take the time to inspect.
Tried it: I can stretch this little tube out quite far as I only apply a little bit all over my face. Like my other Olay Regenerist product, it smoothes on and feels velvety. Like with other anti-aging products, I don’t know if it actually works!

Cover Girl blastflipstick blendable lip duo in Minx
3.8g / $12.50
This one is an exciting and new product and maybe a little too new-fangled for me! :P To me, one end looks bronze while the other end looks dark brown, surely requiring blending. The Glossy Box postcard claims one side is for shimmer (bronze) and the cream side is for colour (dark brown)-blend the shades together for “endless lip looks”! I haven’t sported a (dark) brown lip in a long time, dating back to the late ’90s I think, so this might bring back some memories but hopefully not that attitude!

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor
1 kit / $13.43
Since my roving eye glance around the post card, I wondered if the clamshell plastic case held Biore nose strips listed at the bottom but, no. This product is useless for me as I don’t use razors. It is probably largely due to my lack of experience that I do not have empathy for set that needs to shave and I also regard implements like razors to be ugly devices. Further, I don’t consider it a “beauty product” although they are getting more sophisticated and this razor is a “kit” because of the built-in moisturizing strips or something. This, the sixth item I uncovered from the box, most confirmed that for me this is a very average month. Perhaps summer products (sunscreen, beach-look hairspray and razor for presentable legs) just aren’t that exciting and can tend towards unglamorous! But… this is a sixth product, for those counting!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
8pcs / $9.99 (1 piece is $1.25)
It’s true I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these strips to clean my nose although they never do the job of getting at every pore and leaving them completely gaping empty and I do think I have “highly accessible” pore, that is, large ones. It’s a nice and useful bonus.

Glossy Box cost: $15/month
This month’s total products cost: $61.04

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  1. my hair is very thick, long and frizzy. I’ve tried many shampoo and conditioner combinations that claimed to straighten and defrizz and i was never happy with them. I would never purchase the product again. I didnt want to have to use oils or moose in my hair all the time to make it straight. Then i found the straight and glossy and its my better half. The shampoo froths up really well and gives a good clean. And the conditioner just glides though your fingers. It all washes out really easily. And it just smells wonderful after use and your hair is silky smooth.

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