Rounding out June in Saskatoon

Somehow, and I can’t remember now, I ¬†found this Johnny Cash song, “Girl in Saskatoon”. It’s catchier than that Burton Cummings one I posted last week, anyhow.

So last week I was in SK for a full five days. It just floors me how many days I’ve spent in a city I never thought I would visit. Nine days so far and two more this week. More time than we spent in Hong Kong two years ago. More time than we spent in New York in two separate trips.

While the first week was pretty dazzling in a my-first-business-trip kind of way, the second week was brutal. My days are slightly longer than I would have in the Toronto office and lunch is practically non-existent. And to keep on top of things, I was working long into the night two nights after work. The sweet consolation was a clean, modern and very new room at the new Holiday Inn and I could be found hiding out (sideways) in the king size bed immediately after work dinner the last two nights I was in town.

Last week, I flew in on a Monday morning involving waking at 5:30 a.m. Toronto time (3:30 a.m. Saskatoon time), tumbling into a Friendly Leung car service car to whisk me to the airport, catching a few winks on the 3.5-hour flight and somehow making it through to 5 p.m. Saskatoon time. Which is exactly the same schedule again today.

This week, I’m back in Toronto early, by Wednesday, to write an exam and then join my Toronto team to blast through the daily piling mountain of work requests that comes with the end of month, end of one of the busiest months of the year.

The coming weekend is a long one and I have an additional day off (whee!). I wouldn’t regularly know what to do with myself with “that much” free time but Mum is in town and that means continuing fattening up with dinners out every night!

On this day..