Photo Dump: Brunch at The Boiler House in Toronto’s Distillery District

NPY introduced me to a friend of his in Toronto who runs a foodie meet-up group so I re-activated my account (I joined seven years ago when I was new in Vancouver and attended a blogger meet-up or two) and browsed the upcoming events. There are more meet-ups than my schedule would permit and they fill up fast anyhow; moreover, not everything fits in my budget, haha. I’ve really wanted to try the brunch at The Boiler House for all it is touted as so great. And my next one is a Brazilian feast at Copacabana. No, I’m not only in it for the all-you-can-eat food! :D

I’ve thrown up quick notes for each plate itemizing the contents and some of my thoughts (click image to get to the image’s Flickr page). Overall, it’s not astounding. Dessert was a bright spot and I guess it was right for the price.






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