Guess who is going where?

I just can’t win. I think it’s because my name sounds like “win” and my sister says that I’m just parroting our self-deprecating mother who says that all of the time of herself. I don’t see why mum should say that because her name doesn’t rhyme with “win” but it rhymes with “grace”….

I felt like I had some loose ends regarding working in Saskatoon and, what do you know, I’m heading back there tomorrow. Three days in the ‘Toon then my firm gave everyone an extra-long weekend that flows straight into my week off. Much needed week off. This summer, I have logged four trips to SK, a week-long visit from mum, lots of face-time with Lil’ Sis who spent most of July with me, and one harrowing final examination.

By the time I am officially using vacation days (i.e., after the extra-long weekend), I will have been in Vancouver a few days. That means I did my company the smallest of favours and instead of returning me to Toronto from SK, they are flying me from SK to Vancouver. But with my crap-awful luck, who would I book my original Toronto-Vancouver flight with but a charter airline and I can’t get so much as a partial refund (less change fee) if I don’t fly one segment. My gain from heading to Vancouver from Saskatoon is to arrive in Vancouver two hours earlier than originally planned.

My schedule in Vancouver makes me slightly heady. So much to do. So much to eat. And certainly not enough meals or hours.

One of our friends suggested a trip to take place on my second (and last) weekend in BC and after evaluating hotel availabilities, we decided to head back to Osoyoos where we all went five years ago on a big friends trip. A trip in a trip! Five years ago, I think 10 of us went to Osoyoos and this time, we are six. We will be staying at a resort on a winery and the region is beautiful and Mediterranean-like, the latter a nice description from someone I follow on Twitter.

And, since I fear my list of upcoming trips getting too short, I just bought my flight and will be spending my last summer extra-long weekend (i.e., Labour Day weekend) in Halifax. Four days is a far cry more than two days which was my trip back in May so I hope that it is enough time to peel myself out of the house and visit a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a long time.

On this day..