a self-indulgent weekend ahead

okay, so last weekend in montreal was kind of all about me, as in we went because i registered myself in the half-marathon. i might think that the marathon experience is great to share and expos are super-fun, but i am the one who gets the most pleasure from it. i am really grateful that i did have company in the form of my sister (one of the usual suspects) and my mother who timed her toronto visit with our roadtrip, turning it into a montreal visit for her. but this weekend’s activities are the type that neither of them would want to get involved in … because i have my peculiar and eclectic interests.

most of my weekend, i will spend on george brown campus  at wordcamp and i am so thankful the conference venue is close to home. wordcamp is a conference (more correctly, an “unconference”) all about wordpress, the blogging platform i use for this blog, my other blog, and the restaurant website. i’ve wanted to go to one for one for years but never managed to go. i’m hoping this is the start of many. at the very least, i can in the future compare wordcamp toronto and vancouver!

i’ve also wanted to volunteer for an asian film festival for many years and also did not get around to it. i guess with respect to wordcamp and the asian film festival in toronto, i feel like i have nothing to lose since i won’t stay in the city. no reputation to create or maintain.

the volunteer orientation and a sneak peek at this year’s line-up is on friday so it will kick off the weekend with some flourish.

 i would venture to say that i’m going to be the only person in toronto who attends both of these events. (but i would be thrilled to be proven wrong.)

On this day..