August 2012 Canada Glossy Box

So now we’re getting to the point where Glossy Boxes arrive after the month they are associated with. I received shipping notification on the 31st of August for my August Glossy Box and it arrived at my apartment on the 4th of September after a holiday Monday. I’m still okay with it as the excitement of a new box is spaced approximately one month apart but they are kind of pushing it….

Kryolan for GlossyBox in Glossy Pink
Special Edition for GLOSSYBOX members only!
Update: Other Glossies who received a second Kryolan lipstick reported the lipstick was $14.99

While I resisted clicking on links to reviews off the Glossy Box Twitter feed, I did read a spoiler contained within a retweet that one of the items this month was lipstick. I did not know, however, that it was “Glossy Box” brand. Rather, it is made in Germany by Kryolan for Glossy Box, an exclusive item but what is its value?? Amongst many other things, I don’t use lipstick. I’m hard-pressed to apply lip balm and lip gloss frequently enough that the realm of a tube of lipstick seems way too mature to me, hah!
Tried it: I wish the  shade were more red (I’m ready for that!) and less girly and pink but it is a conservative and neutral nude pink that will suit many people. It feels like butter going on which is so pleasant and did not smell like lipstick, I’ll definitely finish off my look in the morning with this. Further, it does not transfer so much onto things like white mugs and has good lasting power. I am impressed.

Sebastian Potion 9 Lite
50 mL / $7.32

My usual too-low maintenance is to step out with damp hair and I hate how it dries with waves in the hair that frames my face. But last week, I read a tip that if you’re pressed for time, to at least dry your “T zone” for a more polished look. That, at least, I can do every now and then. And when I periodically do that, now I have a conditioning, restoring and enhancing product.
Tried it: It’s not a heavy or harsh product, otherwise, I treat it like a leave-in conditioner since I don’t otherwise style my hair. For that purpose, it seems to do the trick.

Befine Fine Food Skin Care
5x 10 mL (@ $2 each) / $10

A sampler pack within a sample box! You hear about the benefits of different foods, when ingested, for your skin and even topically applied. Befine is inspired by the healing properties of food ingredients to create cleansers, masks and scrubs that are paraben free, made with vegetarian proteins and have allergen-free fragrance. A most colourful box holds five samples including:

  • Gentle cleanser with sugar, mint, oats & rice this was really runny and lathered to a moderate extent but was effective in leaving my skin feeling clean and rejuvenated
  • Pore refining treatment scrub with coconut, jojoba & citrus
  • Night cream with cocoa, millet & rice bran practically unscented and rapidly absorbed
  • Warming clay mask with cardamom, arnica and pomegranate
  • Exfoliating cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond & oats very scratchy going on as if you are rubbing melted brown sugar with sand on your face but is really refreshing
Tried it: While packets are not the preferred way to receive a sample product, I’m not complaining because the “single serve” packets of cleanser and cream are more like 3 or more uses. It’s been the most fun product to sample!

Elastoplast SOS Blister
1 unit / $1.20

I think it’s a bit of a stretch to tout this sample as “full size”. Yes, it will cover a blister but just one application? This is a highly practical and utterly non-glamourous sample. Yet, I’m excited to pack it when I go to Montreal to have treatment when I’ve beat up my feat running a half-marathon. Usually I just tape it up with medical tape before and after.

Tried it: So, I brought my one full size blister pad with my to Montreal for use after my half-marathon. Although I had been training the soles of my feet all summer and knew the skin was tough, that extra race effort resulted a situation. I’d use a bandage after a training session but it’s a race and I wanted to “indulge” in some premium and specific foot aid … and I love the product. Using all the cliches, it feels like a second skin and fits the contours of a foot like a glove. The plaster is translucent so it is not as distinguishable from your skin tone and it is very protective as the skin underneath heels.

Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card
Haven’t determine the value as the website is not up yet (min. $5)

In an interesting twist, the next “sample” I unwrapped was a gift card to a new site, Trend Trunk. Cashing in on the social web, Trend Trunk enables consignment clothing selling over the web directly between buyers. I’m intrigued by the possibility of selling some pieces but not so much with buying something. Nonetheless, of course, I would like my gift card to be worth $250! The gift cards included in the Glossy Boxes have mystery values between $5 and $250. On the day I received my Glossy Box, I was not able to get to the redemption area to determine the value of my card.
Update: Of course my card is only worth $5 which doesn’t even cover the $8 shipping for every item. So I binned this “sample” which counts as a bonus for this month’s Glossy Box anyways.

Biore Make-up Removing Towelettes
10 units / $3.99

Another highly practical item that is not “full size” per se, but you can get 10 uses out of it.

Layla Glitter in Eyeliner
6 mL  / $12.99

Eyeliner and I are not compatible, and it containing glitter sounds like even more limited use? I just Googled alternate uses for eyeliner but I could not exercise most of the suggestions because of the glitter present except for the suggestion to use it as makeshift mascara. That could be neat.

Box total: $54.49 (with $5 gift card)
Monthly box fee: $15

On this day..


  1. sarah says:

    Ooh you got an eyeliner instead of a nail polish! Overall I was pleased with this month. I did a review on my blog as well and I agree, one elastoplast sample is hardly full sized.

    1. wyn says:

      I kind of wanted nail polish more but I would get that myself while the glitter eyeliner gives me a challenge. It came to me that I might be able to try it as an eyeshadow although still a very “special occasion” look.

      1. Kailee says:

        I didn’t get nail polish or eyeliner! Lucky!

  2. Kira says:

    I actually got eye shadow instead of the eye liner.
    I was overall happy with the box though. (‘cept that one damn bandaid)

    1. wyn says:

      I’m getting more excited about the uses of the products in this box as I read more reviews and other people’s takes on the samples. That’s how it usually goes. My own reaction goes from lukewarm to good but it builds based on other people’s reviews.

      1. Engr says:

        This is great, but the extra $4 gets me. I would much rather the pecinl duo, it’s one of my faves! I have soooooo many brushes, and you can get a great eye brush from $1-$5 that would last really long, but a good eyeliner is really hard to find. Glad I have the older palette. Missed yah boo:-)

    2. Linh says:

      I dont like the price hike and i have a million sdaehr brushes i personally rather have the pencil, but 4 extra bucks isnt too crazy, we’re lucky they didn’t raise the palette for double considering how they’ve been flying out the shelves. another thing are they still gonna give the free sample primer potion im greedy and i want it all!

  3. To the ladies that are taking advantage of the Refinery29 deal and canceled their current glossybox subscriptions, did you sign up again with your old account or did you create a new one?

  4. GuiltLust says:

    Love the box! You’ve got a really good one. Mine has glitter mascara… This is my box

  5. Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

  6. Bernardo says:

    LOL they’re has been so many people saniyg they don’t want the brush or the price hike. But it’s either a.) wait for the pencils to be completed or b.) get them out to customers sooner with a quality brush. You can’t please everyone.Personally I don’t mind the brush-I’d love to get my hand on a brush especially after missing the UD HauteLook $2 sale

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