September 2012 Canada Glossy Box

It’s Glossy Box Day! It’s also NPY’s birthday and Google’s (14th) birthday. How big is all that? For the first time, I was excited for this month’s samples without having to go read other people’s reviews. And,this month, the box arrived on the 27th day, safely inside the month!

In the order of what I pulled out of the box …

B. Kamins Maple Body Lotion
12 mL /$2.73

I pulled out a small zip-lock pouch holding both B.Kamins products. Sometimes miniature is really cute and the light (Episphere?) blue is pretty. The body lotion and lip balm contain Bio-Maple, one of B. Kamins Laboratories’ trademarked technologies, that is derived from purified sap from Canadian maple trees. The ingredient counters moisture loss, is pH-balanced with skin to safeguard against germs and exfoliates. Of course I will use this–dry and cold weather is coming up!
Tried it: Okay, so Bio-Maple doesn’t have to smell like maple but it is “Maple Body Lotion” and instead it smells strongly of powder in a way that reminds me of my grandmother… or baby powder, and that was just a dab to the back of my hands. It absorbs quickly and isn’t very oily.

B. Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20
4 mL / $5.60

An even smaller B. Kamins sample holds the lip balm and it is no less useful and has a better value. This is a practical sample of a luxe product (i.e., the full-size tube would be $21).
Tried it: This product smelled faintly more like maple and went on feeling thick and a little sticky. I’m hesitant about how it feels, unless it’s the trade-off to have a goopy product if it’s going to be very protective.

Dove cleartone anti-perspirant
17 g / $1.51

We got an email today from Glossy Box to clarify some misunderstanding the postcard describing the box contents were giving and the box was described as “Red Carpet Ready” box. Ascribing a theme to the box (and telling me about it) makes the samples make much more sense.

When I was looking for a source for some Nivea lightening/brightening lotion I got in Hong Kong, I learned they also made deodorant and was introduced to the notion and need to lighten your underarms. Clear Tone is the line that purports to lighten the dark marks created after skin is irritated from shaving. And it is essential, to be sure, for people regular to red carpets and sleeveless evening gowns. I wonder how much of a difference a sample size will have and look forward to trying the product.
Tried it: The scent is very flowery which is the scent I try to avoid. Otherwise, it’s a great product and I already use Dove anti-perspirant. Lightening, though, I wouldn’t know yet.

Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shine Serum
40 mL / $16.99

The clarification email I received today was regarding the Wella product so it let the cat out of the bag a little. Two different Wella hair products were included in the boxes depending on the beauty profile you created on the website prior to your first order. I wondered if I truly was going to get the product for coarse to thick hair or if, by random assignment, I got the one for fine and normal hair. Well, I did get what works with my hair and the full-size bottle with liquid that is reflective in the bottle is impressive. I’ve been holding out for a shine serum and now we have one. I’ll be trying it out very soon.

NYX Cosmetics: The Crimson Amulet Collection
Full size / $25

Yesterday, I watched the first official unboxing video by Glossy Box and at the end, there was a “spoiler” about one of the samples and my heart sank when it looked like an eye shadow palette. The eye make-up that I have difficulty with will be a component of these boxes. As I reached under the folds of black tissue paper, I would feel a big and smooth surface, a box inside the box and so I grabbed and took out the smaller items first. When I unearthed this box, I naively thought it was a DVD because of its size and look and it said “Dark Shadows” on the cover. But I clued in slowly it’s a whole make-up kit and you can create for yourself the look of three striking characters from the movie. In my case, I will use the blush, lip colour and (eventually) neutral eyeshadows.

When you line up all of the other samples, they look puny but they are all useful and the make-up palette, as my first such product, is very impressive to me.

Box total: $51.83
Monthly box fee: $15

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