spread thin

i feel like i might have a meltdown this week. there is too much to do.

… readings for my course to prepare for a mid-week quiz. and then the next quiz is immediately available. the quizes never end except with an exam. then, the courses never end.
… tracking down all the details for the weekend road trip i organized that includes a half-marathon.
… the half-marathon which is, for me, a 60% mental effort, 40% physical.
… a new role thrust upon me at work that challenges me at every. single. turn. and that makes me feel awful slightly more often than it makes me feel good about myself.
… a most important application to get out and get it right. will i get it?
… and a million and one worries from next week’s list of tasks to work to money to family to relationships to the all-important future.

On this day..

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