because i’m not stopping to think about it, because i’m too busy-then-tired to think about it, i’m not seeing life in a glass-half-full way. instead, i have been non-stop cranky and i just wonder when i’ll be zen again. not for quite a while, i fear.

… detroit half-marathon in two weeks has me oscillating between being excited and panicked. i thought these races would be pleasant interludes but they are most definitely getting in the way of life because of their associated travel.
… three crazy weeks of my course before i get away from it all in hawaii with NPY (in the 90 days the course is delivered, i’m out of town for 22 days…questionable timing, at best)
… two long, solitary training runs outdoors ahead of detroit that drive me crazy to complete and i dread the entire day before – there was a palpable sense of relief after i finished today’s run and next week (my last outdoor run in the city) i have planned to finally get to humber bay arch bridge–i have a modicum of excitement about it.
… the new role at work got more complicated this week…i learned this week to be grateful that i have as much support as i have and as much difficulty the role gives me, i cannot fault it for evolving
…. a second visit from mum within a month requiring planning, nights out and “being on” all that much more
…. i would rather spend thanksgiving with NPY and this is the second (and last) thanksgiving i’ll be away…it still stresses me out

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