Faking It

(I originally wrote this post back in May 2011 but never published it, or really finished it. Without any modification–this stuff is so raw, haha–I’m posting it now.)

When I take quick stock of whether or not to procreate (still no), other than being short, I have decent genes. I got good eyesight from my mother and never had to wear corrective lenses. At my last eye examination (uhm, over ten or fifteen years ago), I had better than 20/20 vision–I was seeing at 20 feet what people needed to stand at 10 feet to see. A friend took to calling my vision “eagle eye”. Best yet, although I spend an inordinate amount of time at a computer and should daily complain about eye strain/fatigue and associated headaches, it does not afflict me. If you want to hate me now, I’ll admit that in the past couple of years, I’ve noticed and been dismayed that when I switch from staring at my computer screen to looking down the length of my apartment at the clock on my microwave, it takes a disturbing few seconds for my eyes to focus. And my night driving vision when it rains is pretty bad.

My sister has the usual glasses and contact lenses and recently we had a laugh because she was exhausted and forgot she had already taken out her contacts and went to pry them out–ouch! I’ve never understood people’s daily inconvenience of waking up and showering blind.

Like any normal flaw-picking woman, I am hard on myself about my looks and have experimented over the years with different things to jazz up my face area. I’ve pierced my ears, worn my hair differently, and gotten bangs. That leaves wearing make-up and glasses for me to try. What with librarian-chic and unique glasses–and even those lens-less glasses coming out as a fashion accessory–without my own fake pair, I feel like I’m missing out on all the fun.

Recently Clear Contacts had their free glasses event that takes place several times a year. If it’s going to be a vanity thing, it had to be free–I only paid for shipping. It was tremendously nerve-wracking for even if it was free and I’ve tried different styles of sunglasses, what if the style I chose did not suit me, accentuated my flaws, and if I measured my PD wrong?

Thank goodness they turned out okay–lookee! NPY was so cute, really eager to evaluate and help me, being an expert and all at this glasses-wearing business. And then I didn’t know when to wear them. Around NPY is okay, he knows the purpose, loves to see a temporarily different wyn. And I’m also okay with it with people who don’t know me well, like my guitar instructor.

On this day..

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    Nice color choice on the blog. It is really easy on my eyes and I have bad eyes too so that’s a really big compliment lol

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