life is really precious

i say this right now but no sooner than i will publish this post, i will probably do something at odds with this important “realization”.

time is too precious to waste on the many things i do that i forget about a day later, but i keep doing it. my energy is too precious to be angry at people, and they don’t even know it (least of all do they deserve it).

i came into thanksgiving feeling there is nothing i’m thankful for, with the current state of my life. i cringed at people who need to make a thanksgiving status update on facebook telling all they are thankful for. but then, today i received some troubling news about a friend and i am thankful that my family and loved ones and closest friends are safe and healthy this thanksgiving. i’m not bowled over with¬†gratitude¬†but it’s there.

“i’ll be happy once i get over the next hurdle.” that’s the recurring mantra. hurdles include the next crunch whether it is at work or the endless assignment schedule. and it’s never going to end and happiness, if based on that, will never come. that’s why they say to be happy in the moment. don’t wait for the next moment. but i don’t listen to that either.

life is really precious and i’m so saddened this second thanksgiving away from NPY, what i hear has happened to our friend, that making the next change, no matter how hard it seems, will be worth it, and is the right thing.

On this day..