Charm bracelet by Minique

Quite a few years ago, NPY told me about Pandora charm bracelets. I had my head in the sand and didn’t know about them and didn’t really appreciate the look compared to “traditional” charm bracelets with charms dangling from large links. His coworker had a system of buying a new charm to add to his wife’s bracelet on special occasions or something and I marveled how easy it made it for men to shop for their female friends, relatives and significant others. Yet, at a very high cost for each charm that actually looks good, it was not something NPY and I got into. We’re more into sparkle.

This year, my sister got a gift from her workplace and at first we were floored that she was given a Pandora charm bracelet. Upon closer inspection, the nicely colour-coordinated bracelet came from a company who largely sells to airline boutique shops and cost around $30-$40. But the pretty charm in the center was from Pandora and alone cost more than several times the cost of the bracelet.

Then I heard that Pandora/Persona/Chamilia-compatible charm bracelets were being sold at the Richmond Night Market but NPY, his sister and mother were in tow and other people were hovering around the Minique stand so I refrained but Liked  the Minique Facebook and was kept abreast with their latest news.

Minique runs a kiosk at the far end of Metropolis at Metrotown and does not have other locations at present so it was only when we were killing some time before dinner in the area that I convinced NPY to take me to Metropolis and I was undisturbed while I strung together my starter charm bracelet.


Over the summer, we went on a trip to the Okanagan and the wineries are all over the Pandora-style charm with participating wineries and attractions creating a unique charm each retrailing for just $5 (Bead Trails website). American marathons are also onto this style of beads and I saw the Detroit 2012 charm at the expo retailing for (gasp!) $35 (Runner’s Feat website). I picked up a Noble Ridge charm because I liked the crown although I otherwise am ambivalent about the winery.

The frequent special offer at Minique is the five-charm, one-stopper bracelet marked down from $17.99 to $15. If I was concerned about colour-coordination, I would have been at the kiosk all evening and have to add more beads. So I just picked charms with meaning–it’s all so narcissistic–and whittled down to five.

Here is the significant of the charms I chose, if it isn’t really obvious:

  • Giraffe: this represents NPY whose name is a homonym with Geoffrey (the Giraffe)
  • Dangling “W” charm: my first initial, naturally
  • Elephant: this represents me and it’s no accident the giraffe and elephant face each other; an elephant never forgets and that is me
  • A subtly sparkly charm to separate all these “meaningful” charms
  • A suitcase: above all other pursuits, I enjoy traveling
  • Stopper charm with green gem, my favourite colour

I’m really just that simple. And sometimes girly. :D

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  1. Wow! this is wonderful! I like this with the initials of my name on it! :)

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