October 2012 Canada Glossy Box

So, on October 31 while I was away, the October Glossy Box arrived but I only just got back so that’s why this post is so late.

My Glossy Box this month was free because I redeemed 1,000 Glossy Dots and it is a circumstance that kind of annoyed me in terms of my bad sense of timing. I redeemed my points and a week later, subscribers all received an email from Glossy Box that began with a self-congratulatory pat on the back about reaching so many subscribers so quickly and–wait for it–a price increase that “brings them in line with US Glossy Box pricing” (my quotations). A $6 increase translating into a 40% jump in price. But existing subscribers were going to be charged the old rate of $15 for one more month while new subscribers immediately paid the new rate. So, I was peeved I cashed my Glossy Dots a month too early and got for free a $15 box instead of a $21 box!

The increase in price, with nary an explanation of how much improvement we would see, is unsavoury in principle and part of me wants to cancel my subscription after this free box. But I’ve got 360 Glossy Dots accumulated and that’s just seven more months until my next free box (because I only earn them by doing surveys). And I have a fear of missing out so we’ll see how long I stick with it. The value of the sample products just might increase proportionally as well.

That’s my pre-box opening spiel for this month. Now, what was in my box?

Gillette Venus & Olay 5-blade razor
1 unit / $16.99
Another razor I won’t use and need to find a new home. This one in particular boasts of a partnership with Olay which provides the moisturizing cream accompanying the five blades. I like the colour choice.

Modelco Flipstick Lip Duo in Dusk lipstick and Striptease gloss
1 unit /$38.75
While I did not read blog reviews of the October box, retweets by @GlossyBox_CA showed that subscribers were really happy to receive the lip duo so that removed some of the surprise. The fancy tube by Modelco, an Australian company, has both lipstick and lipgloss in one handy tube and the packaging also includes a small mirror on the exterior. The accompanying postcard mentions that this shade is a Glossy Box exclusive which raises my perceived value of the product but I’m still floored by the nearly $40 pricetag. The lipstick is more red than the last lipstick I received which should be more dramatic and suit me; I’m a little concerned by the frosty colour of the lipgloss though. I will use this but won’t get around to it for a while. Still “working on” the Glossy Box exclusive lipstick from a couple months ago which I really like.

Sebastian Trilliance shine preparation cleanser (shampoo)
50 mL /$3.16
More Sebastian products but if it’s shampoo and conditioner, I can use it regardless of whether it is stated to be suited for my hair that is oily and dry and dyed and could use body and clarifying. This line of Sebastian’s sounds fancy with rock crystal as one of the elements to create universal shine. I get shine naturally throughout the day and would rather add it in more consciously and effectively with a shine serum.
Tried it: I didn’t really enjoy using this shampoo. It was difficult to lather without using a lot of product and wasn’t particularly effective in making my hair nice and shiny.

Sebastian Trilliance shine preparation conditioner
50 mL /$3.32
You know, some people religiously condition their hair with every shampooing. Okay, that’s not me but my hair screamed after a week of daily clarifying shampoo without a drop of conditioner and under dry Toronto fall/winter by going bone dry and static. The latter is the most annoying. So to include a bottle of conditioner to go with the bottle of shampoo seems a bit like a cop out, not quite five whole products this month.
Tried it: In contrast to the shampoo, I enjoyed using the conditioner as it felt thick and nourishing. My hair is not ravishing today because maybe it needs a lot of help. But it also wasn’t sticking up in the air from being staticky and dry.

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Scarlet
15 mL /$8.00
I was introduced to Zoya a couple months back when there was a bottle of the nail polish in a summer Glossy Box. The colour didn’t look so impressive to me in the bottle. Too bubblegum-y. I couldn’t wear it on my fingers but it was a stunning colour for my toes. This month, I received the nail polish in “Scarlet” and wondered if the bottle was mislabeled but I confirmed at the website that pale pink is Scarlet, huh. I’m happy to get a shade that I can wear on my nails and is a work-appropriate shade.

Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream
5 mL /$9.35
This brand is new to me and apparently uses an “ecosystemic formula” that is paraben-, silicone-, sulfate-, phthalates-, colourants- and artificial fragrance-free. All that good stuff. While I can’t tell if this stuff is working on me or in general, getting anti-aging cream in my Glossy Boxes (last time, Olay), encourages me to use it semi-regularly.
Tried it: This product feels just like a moisturizing cream and was absolutely scent-free. It felt good going on.

Monthly box fee: $15/$21
Box value: $79.57

The postcard included in the box mentioned that 50 lucky Glossies would receive a “stunning piece of jewelry” from Bijoux Caroline Néron. I wasn’t so lucky. I would much prefer if we could all get an additional tiny sample than not be a lucky one. I wonder what the jewelry piece is, how it looks and its value…?

On this day..