One fun weekend (Toronto Life Ep. 445)

I don’t usually have weekend plans. I dread the question on Monday morning, “How was your weekend?” and I have to stammer, “It was good,” when I can’t even remember what happened it was so uneventful. The only weekends I tend to remember are the ones where I’ve gone away. But some weekends, like this weekend, everything just falls into place and happens on that weekend.

Friday night: Reel Asian Film Festival heads to Richmond Hill and opens the weekend with HK-North American collaboration, Floating City at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

I had two volunteer shifts at Reel Asian and attended a training session, receiving three vouchers I could exchange for movies. After the two volunteer shifts, I was loathed to return to the venues a fourth time to use my vouchers and I missed all the films screened in the downtown portion of the festival. A week later, the festival moved to Richmond Hill and I felt okay to venture by transit up there. Floating City is a Hong Kong production chosen, I felt, to interest the older Chinese population living in Richmond Hill who would not want to go downtown for the main part of the festival.

Transit would have been unbearable but I arranged to have company on the subway from Union to Finch. The express York Region Transit Viva bus was laughably slow going up Yonge Street during rush hour. I wasn’t late at all and the film was much better than I thought it would be. It was the first movie I’ve gone to alone (and it was in a theater setting, not so much a movie theater). Transit back downtown was okay, too, as Lil Sis picked me up after her dinner and dropped me off at Finch. The night time ride is more peaceful and hence bearable.

Saturday morning: Seventh aerial yoga class at Cardio-Go King West

I went to 10:00 a.m. aerial yoga not too far from my place, picking up a hash brown from McDonald’s at Union Station. They make hash browns so very well at that location but I’m noticing a correlation between having a hash brown and nausea during yoga. It didn’t help that I heard a girl tell the instructor that she was hungover. I felt as close as I ever have to throwing up in class. I coughed instead.

Saturday night: Dinner at Black Hoof with Joy of Eating group

A last-minute opening become available for the Black Hoof Joy of Eating meet-up so I RSVP’ed. Black Hoof is a unique establishment that has been on my Toronto list of places to try. I walked from my place and it took 45 minutes each way to that location far on Dundas West (beyond Bathurst).

After studying the menu during the week, I decided I would order two items and just have to feast on the variety with my eyes. As it happened, the six of us ordered items covering the whole menu and shared most of the dishes and I tried everything including bone marrow, beef tongue, sweetbread, beef heart, duck liver and oxtail. The only thing I missed was the foie (gras) and nutella dish. We lingered over the meal, partially enforced by a large gap between our fifth and sixth dishes. Sometimes I was wildly bored like when they geeked out over which Top Chef Canada chefs were running restaurants in Toronto, but I definitely could connect with a fellow restaurant kid who also attended the dinner.

Sunday lunch: Dim sum with family and visiting family in Scarborough

An aunt from Vancouver is visiting grandmother this week so it was occasion for the Toronto clan to get together for lunch in good ole Scarborough. Some new faces at dim sum meant having different dishes and conversations. Actually, there was a shift to the “adults” speaking Mandarin instead of Cantonese and Lil Sis and I are literally dumb-struck because we cannot converse.

After lunch, we drove to grandmother’s nursing home and spent a few precious minutes gathered together in her room just talking to her.

Sunday evening: Coffee and catching up with the bff

To cap off socializing this weekend, I came back downtown and met up with the bff and we shared the current Starbucks deal on Holiday drinks (buy one, get one free between 2 and 5 pm). It was nice to have a couple of hours to catch up on everything before life and travel and work makes it impossible for a while. We keep in touch quite well over text messages contributing to half the 1,000+ text messages I rack up a month (the other half with NPY, of course).

Then it was time to head home and get back into work mode. A short week is coming up but I have to make the days count!

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