I have never …

… not been in Halifax on New Year’s Eve (except once, in London, England way back in ’05)
… not worked at the restaurant (except the few years we just didn’t open)
… worked at a real job on New Year’s Eve
… been alone on New Year’s Eve
… been in Toronto on New Year’s Eve
… been with NPY on New Year’s Eve (this is the seventh one since we started dating)

Since I’m just living my routine and going to work right up until today, it surprises me that we’ve come to the end of this year. This crazy, really special and awesome year.

There’s about six more weeks to the Year of the Dragon but that part of it inside 2012 was really good for me in terms of expanding my horizons and experiences. That makes two for two in matching the Chinese zodiac (wild instability in Year of the Rabbit 2011 as mentioned in a CBC article). I’m not sure I want to read next year’s prediction!

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!

On this day..