Year in review: Travel

When I look back on the past two years (thank you, TripIt), I’ve gone around more than I have in several years before combined. This year, I unlocked the FourSquare Jetsetter 3x badge for checking into 10 different airports* and end the year one airport away from 4x. It is mind-blowing to me that I went to Saskatoon 4 times (3 times in June, once in July) for a total of 13 days in the city. I took a personal record-breaking 8 flights in June on account of going to Saskatoon and because we went to Quebec City for the weekend before all the madness started. I lived out of a (carry-on) suitcase for three weeks and was back in Toronto just for the weekends such that it was a little jarring to have to check a bag again!

This was 2012:

  • 3 flights to Halifax (May, September, December)
  • 4 flights to Saskatoon (3 in June, 1 in July)
  • 1 flight to Vancouver (August)
  • 1 flight to Hawaii + Vancouver add-on (October-November)
  • 1 flight to Quebec (June)
  • 1 flight to Las Vegas (November)
  • road trips to Buffalo, Montreal, Detroit, Okanagan (within my Vancouver trip)

Correspondingly, NPY did a lot of traveling for his tastes coming to Toronto in April then going to Hawaii and Las Vegas in the fall.

3 weeks of vacation (which do not roll over), additional week in personal days and firm holidays, accruing a ton of banked time just for flying to Saskatoon four times. It’s not a surprise that more time off correlates with getting away more since i will not staycation!


How I got to Jetsetter 2x

Where I stand at end of 2012
– will get HNL, YWG, LAS, PDX,

Airports I missed (grrrr)
– missed: PEK, EWR

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